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  • Reinventing Research

    We help our clients meet the commercial challenges of the information age by constantly creating innovative ways of gathering facts, and turning that data into strategic business insights. If there's no existing method of finding out what you need to know, we'll invent it.

    Synovate in a nutshell

    Founded in 2003
    No headquarters
    62 countries
    5,968 staff*
    31,359 projects across the globe*
    31 million+ interviews worldwide*
    263,638 focus groups / in depth interviews*
    *as of December 2009

    Company Values — The 3Is

    Our company values consist of the 3Is. They underpin everything we do and stand for International, Integration and Innovation. But what does each one mean?

    Being international is not the same as being global. We are a company built on borderless cooperation. Our structure fits wherever our people are based and fits the needs of clients wherever they are based.

    Integration means our geographies, practices, industry verticals and teams work as one to power Synovate's growth. Our strength lies in involving and learning from each other.

    Innovation is about challenging the norm and stretching boundaries in order to create a more efficient and better quality business. It's not just about research techniques and big initiatives; innovation can come from anyone and anywhere within our business.